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Letter from Founder

Posted by LeLe Sims on

Hi! I'm happy you are here. I'm an outdoor enthusiast, National Geographic Certified Educator, believer in art for all ages and creator of this space. My love for travel, folk art and environmental projects is long-standing. 

I am lucky to live in South FL with my husband, toddler son and Flea (our scruffy little dog). We're also accompanied by tons of creepy crawlers that come with the territory of being in a tropical climate. 

Navigating the curious world of a toddler is never easy. Neither is, coming up with ideas that empower their curiosity. It takes time, experimentation and lots of patience. As a mom and educator who values a childhood filled with play and creative exploration, I created this space to do just that. 

Lele's Art and Exploration Lab is set up to provide playful and art-filled learning experiences outdoors. Resources found here are meant to extend that fun indoors at home. There is no better way to discover more about the world, than through art, exploring nature and tinkering with organic materials! 

I hope to build a wonderful community of parents and educators that share the vision of spreading the global message of caring for the environment. A portion of what we make in workshops and classes is donated to local non-profits who work to save wildlife and habitats. 

"Propel kids curiosity, imagination and creativity to a whole new level." 

Fish Art Project


Some fun facts about me: 

1. I love all things art - making, creating, crafting and design.

2. I've helped purpose driven organizations in the area of marketing and brand strategy for over a decade. Yet, early on in my career I started out as an informal educator in ESL programming, adult literacy, and did some K - 12 teaching abroad.

3. I’m passionate about finding innovative ways to create impact. Learn more on how I launched a mindfully made brand along side a human rights lawyer and a team of artisan families. 

4. New York City was home for a couple of years until 2019. Happily moved down south - to be closer to family, the beaches and the year around (Florida) sunshine. 

5. I’m fluent in four languages and grew up in two worlds... immersed in the beautiful tropical spirit of Colombia and the diversity of Miami. Crazy to say, that I've also called five different cities my home. 

Let's connect further, you can DM on insta @lelebombe or contact me here. Happy to hear about your art & outdoor adventures!

Thanks for stopping by! 



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