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Muralist Captures Essence of Latin America

Posted by LeLe Bombe on

We fell in love with the highly detailed murals of this well known artist, APITITAN. Through his art we see the successes of indigenous people, the working class and the hopeful of Latin America. In a country filled with great artists, he is one of our favorites and needs to be celebrate for the message his art provides. We believe he is rebranding the essence of what it feels to be of mestizo heritage, life among the Andeans and the movement of progressive art. He seems to be able to add color that creates this warm embrace among the busy urban centers.

Women and baby By Apipitan

All of his hand drawn characters had intricate hidden geometric patterns and it creates this often magical feel to it. The strong facial features of the hard working class are often accompanied by soft color strokes. In our opinion the stories he is telling are all based on the abundance of joy, love and human nature. We love his focus is often on Latin America’s indigenous women, humble farmers and the captivating humor of Latin American people.

Hope Apitatán

We are lucky to have come across this tropical wonderland, where the characters make you smile. Here are our three favorite murals - all themed around a bit of hope and happiness. We encourage you to view his portfolio  and let us know what you think.

Artist Apitatán paints everyday stories.

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