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Holiday Pop Up Market

Posted by LeLe Bombe on

We were recently thrown in the NYC Pop Up Market madness! A great opportunity we were looking for and happy that it came through our friends over at the New York City Fair Trade Coalition. We were given about 4 days to get ready, knew we wanted it to be a collaboration effort and called one of our favorite sustainable clothing brands, AroundEco. (Go check them out, super soft tee's with a purpose). Being in the mix of a rotating crew of startups reinventing food, fashion and art in the heart of DUMBO, we were thrilled however a bit nervous to create our display in such short period of time. 

Pop Shop Dumbo 

We needed to represent for all our sista’ bosses out there and knowing the market had a spotlight on women and POC makers we knew we wanted something special. We quickly assembled and made it a power house of color on a shoe string budget. We felt proud of our final production (images below) and came up with a list of our TOP 5 TIPS FOR A FRIENDLY POP UP MARKET DISPLAY.


  1. A great looking table cloth can do wonders. Make sure color is on point with your products, one that is visible from far and is inviting (like blue, green or yellow). If you are into DIY projects, you can go with acid free construction paper route (yes an environmentally friendly table cloth) and create two layers top and bottom - just make sure to tape it down when you get there. Or if you can visit the fabric store and purchase about 3 yards that can be easily custom made into a tight table fit (make sure to call that friend with a sewing machine). Pop Shop Lele Bombe Table
  2. Use various levels to display your products. We used a large construction foam board, layered it with green fabric and pinned our jewelry to the board. It was sturdy, easy to view and showed the great variation of colors we have.Bracelets Display Lele Bombe
  3. Layer fabrics that your customers can easily relate your products to. In our case, we used burlap to section off our studs and bracelets. Why Burlap? Well, because it has a great outdoors organic feel to it. It also reminds of us of all things Colombian. (Coffee for example.)Display Table Lele Bombe Artisan Market
  4. A touch of natural elements are always a plus. The most important element for us were the river rocks we used to create circle patterns. Since the Embera Chami homes were originally built around the river banks of El Choco, we wanted a natural element to communicate the beauty of their land, the feel of the mountains and the lush tropical forest.River Rock Chami Magic
  5. Frame your mission statement, include pictures of your makers and the team behind the magic you do. This all really helps your story come to life. Make sure to place them behind the products, it will help people see the work that goes into it. We were happy to share the story of our maker's art  and explain what each patterns signifies. I believe these images really need to capture the essence of your brand and the passion you have for it. 

Lele Bombe Table Display

Good luck and may all your pop up markets be exciting and visibly awesome! If you are on your startup journey, feel free to drop us a line. We would love to help and keep building a community of change makers. Tell us what's your pop up story is!

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