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What Color Defines You?

Posted by LeLe Bombe on

It is all about finding the color that speaks to you. The color that you wake up with in mind. The color that you see when you close your eyes. Our colors change as our seasons do. We believe the colors that we surround ourselves with are just as important as the fabric we pick to wear. Here are our TOP THREE COLOR choices. Go ahead, tell us what color defines you?
J'aime Colors
1. Pantone Orange: We consider it sunny, a color of harvest and autumn. The hue reminds us saffron (a yellowish orange ) often sacred plant in Indian culture. The orange tones are symbolic of courage and love for those in Latin America.
La vita e bella in full color
2. Pantone Yellow:  The bright cheery nature of yellow gives us predominantly a warm feeling. We image a blanket of sunflowers and even associate it with transportation — we do love the iconic NYC yellow taxi cabs. 
Blue Beaded Handmade Necklace
3. Pantone  Blue: We considered to be calming, soothing and peaceful.  The hue is ever-lasting and references immortality in many cultures. For example, in Indian culture blue is the color of Krishna — a central figure in Hinduism and one of the most popular Hindu gods. In Brazil it represents the color of Yemanja, the orisha that represents a certain aspect of nature . 
Learn more about colors, what they communicate and how to better use it in design. 

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