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The Cultural Wealth of Pueblo Rico

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Our field work took us to explore Colombia’s small towns and one stands out in particular, Pueblo Rico. Located in the department of Risaralda the town is known for its bright colors, colonial city center and tropical rainforest breeze. What is unique is the town’s population where indigenous, black and mestizo communities historically came together making it an influential area of diverse cultures.

Street Mural

Walking throughout the city center you can observe the gastronomic and housing traditions that are a direct influence of the merging of these different communities. Its low key city center and the incredible biodiversity of the location is what draws you here.

Pueblo Rico View

It is not crowded, people take the time to ask you where you are from and the peaceful tranquility is palpable. We were able to speak to the residents of the town and discuss the changes that came about in the last couple of years. In the late 90’s the municipality encountered the largest number of displaced Embera families seeking refuge. Their homes were threatened by the country's armed conflict and Pueblo Rico was the closest municipality where the they fled to.

Embera Smiles

Consequently their presence grew from that moment on and today they are fully integrated residents of the town. Office of the National Embera Chami Foundation is situated in the town square and the Pueblo Rico residents are the first to value these highly skilled artisans.

Parco Tucuma

As we left the home of one of our artisans ( wearing a large necklace okama) a person across the street  came over to compliment the piece we had on and told us how happy they were that we were learning about Pueblo Rico and its community.

Colombia Breakfast


Pueblo Rico Houses


Eje Cafetero

Wondering where to stay, what to do and what to eat? All you need to know is where to stay and the rest is to explore! We look forward to hearing your stories on Pueblo Rico.


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    • Good prices ($60,000 mil pesos = $20USD) ideal for travelers, great location in city center. Check in around the clock, very quiet, warm blankets and amazing views of the mountains. 

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