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Blue Sky Heart Necklace
Blue Sky Heart Necklace
Blue Sky Heart Necklace

Blue Sky Heart Necklace


  • Lele Bombe makes jewelry in partnership with Embera artisan families of Colombia. Beautiful beaded choker type necklace. Made of 1000s of tiny "chakira czech" known as "glass beads."

    The waves of each stitch are full of ancestral wisdom and crafted using long-standing ancestral traditions.  The Embera believe that women bear the weight of the world on their shoulders. The larger the chest piece the greater the role within the community. A representative halo that protects the woman's heart and empowers her. 

    Buy this fair trade necklace in confidence, knowing that your purchasing power is being used for good - directly encouraging our artisans and supporting their goal of a sustainable, dignified livelihood.

    The purchase of this listing includes a donation to artisans' communities in Colombia for local projects based on environmental conservation. 


    • Designs are 100 % exclusive. Lightweight and comfortable.
    • Each piece can take up to 10+ hours to complete. 
    • Can be worn on bare skin with a low cut dress/blouse/top
    • Around the inside of the collar approx: 6" Length: 2"
    • Beadwork is all made with very strong synthetic thread and waterproof.
    • Due to the handmade nature of each design, size and shape will differ slightly. This is the attraction of something handmade, not mass-produced.