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A Push For The Planet - Pop Up Art Lab



Mobile Marine Art Cart

Mobile Outdoor Environmental Art Program

SEA.ME is a POP UP ART LAB  innovating the way kids learn about the blue planet and care for it.   We are reframing the language we use and the approach we take in catalyzing pro-ecological behavior. Learners of all abilities, embark on a creative journey of ocean science and art.  

We put the A to S.T.E.M. education

Our kid-centered workshops introduce concepts like the use of colors, texture, contrast, space to investigate nature, and a creative approach to art play with different materials. Trash becomes our medium and learners confront the problem of marine debris (ghost nets, fishing lines, bottle tops, and flip flops) as citizen scientists documenting, observing, and lastly as artists.

Ocean-focused Art lab on Wheels

Our special push-powered art vehicle, is created from scratch with discarded objects, upcycled parts and trash from the ocean. Our inspiration: the famous "paleta carts" which easily roll around to any location and bring the joy of ice cream to kids. Well we had that same idea. Instead we bring the joy of art and do it via an earth friendly vehicle.


Kids for A Greener Planet

Lele Art Lab

Our participants train as ARTivists and engage in citizen science to beautify and protect our ecosystem.  

Our events and workshops ensure people of all ages and abilities experience many art techniques in a fun and imaginative way. Threaded throughout our activities are the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and space for expression, ideas and wishes about the future of our environment. Our program is specially designed for home school co-ops, schools and education spaces. 

In our quest for a greener planet, we push for a message of inclusion and weave important cultural storytelling and art into green science.

We provide high quality, unique art activities run in an inclusive, non-competitive environment with a real focus on building self-esteem. See some of our sustainable art projects, here.  

  Kids Arts Based Environmental Education

Community Grant Award

Thankful to "Chasing Coral"  team.  You helped us dream big and build.

Chasing coral film poster underwater scuba

Chasing Coral  

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