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Lele Bombe is impact driven-design brand where handmade goods and designer-artisan collaborations come together. Created in collaboration with Embera women artisans - crafted by free loom stitching, design is reflective of the cosmovision and empowerment of women.  It is believed within the tribe that women carry the weight of the world on their shoulders, and so the larger the adornment the greater their role in the community.

Created with intention and reflective of socially-conscious style, each piece isn't just stylish, it's also created within an ethical supply where artisans are honored, respected and compensated for their incredible talents.
Indigenous Diagram Embera Tribe
VISION: Connecting people to purpose driven design & creating a positive impact one indigenous pueblo at a time. 
IMPACT: We created a sustainable trading model that provides new market opportunities for indigenous artisan communities. Together with our artisan partners, we work in the spirit of trust and respect, learning as we go through this journey. Our collaborations combine old world beading traditions with contemporary designs, that accompany your everyday wear. 

OUR TEAM DIFFERENCE: We provide opportunities to underrepresented groups of artisans that do not belong to large artisan cooperatives, either because of cultural barriers or location. The indigenous communities we work with have either been displaced or subject to selling their goods below fair price value. Collaborating with a collective of bead weavers who work from their own homes, decide their own hours, and set their own wages, allows us to foster a dignified partnership. Our designs are made with intention, defending and supporting women's rights and empowerment. While it is difficult to access these reserves, we are able to do this thanks to the work of our human rights lawyer from La Defensoría del Pueblo who is on the field, well trusted in the community and serves as our cultural mediator. 


View our Social Impact Project - Ceremonial Center Repair Video




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