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A Push For The Planet



Mobile Marine Art Cart

Mobile Interactive Art Station

We've designed “Sea.Me.” Mobile Art Cart to foster a culture in which every individual embraces their role in the conservation of our environment and marine life.  Our marine litter art workshops turn community members into local artists, advocates, and citizen scientists.


Issue with Marine Plastic Pollution

The first commercially viable synthetic polymer was called Bakelite, developed in 1907 - becoming the world's first synthetic plastic and the introduction of the Polymer Age. Fast forward, one hundred years later, plastics have been designed into the very fabric of global human society.  

Plastics takes hundreds to thousands of years to fully biodegrade. In the meantime they photo-degrade: sunlight makes them brittle and they break up into smaller pieces. A majority of that material has made its way down city streets into rivers, lakes, streams and the sea. 


The Problem 

The effects of plastic pollution on ocean-life are broad and not fully understood.  What we do know is that large plastic debris such as rope, plastic bags, and six-pack rings can choke and entangle a variety of marine life. A majority of that material has created a massive plastic soup out of the global oceans and broader dialogue around personal/corporate responsibility to combat ocean plastic pollution is needed.


The threats facing our ocean are complex, and complex problems need creative solutions. 

Our Theory-of-Change: To bring collaborative, community-relevant marine debris art making to public schools and the streets.



Mobile Art Cart
Sea. Me is a mobile art cart constructed from metal, wood and marine debris as a fully-equipped art studio that delivers marine debris art education into schools and to communities in South Florida. Communities further their engagement as ocean advocates, feel energized to combat plastic pollution, and involved in service-learning experiences in beautifying and protecting our ecosystems.

Community Grant Winning Project

Chasing Coral

A"paleta" cart inspired mobile art studio, selected as one of the first "Chasing Coral Community Grant" projects.


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