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Our Story

  Hi, Friend. 

✎ Are you raising the next generation of world-changers?
✎ Want to awaken your kid's curiosity about the world, have them further love nature and get to know it better?
✎ Looking to empower your child early on and encourage their ideas, art-making, and self-expression?

Welcome, happy to have you. You've come to the right spot.


Welcome Friend Bienvenido Amigo

We create opportunities for young children to create, play and explore.  

Everything we do in our art and exploration classes are designed to encourage collaboration, curiosity, discovery, and creativity. Our art classes are structured as ‘experiences’ and empower kids to choose their own learning pathway & lean into their strengths. We present them with open-ended materials to create, be amazed and run wild with their imagination. 

Each session includes play-based, art-filled activities that encourage independence and creativity. We offer 4-week art sessions for preschoolers. More on classes, here. 


Our Mission

To help the next generation of world-changers think creatively, understand the power of their individual voice, and develop a relationship with nature through art making and exploration.


If you can't join us IRL no worries, check out our Lil' Explorer, a field-activity guide that encourages personal independence in harmony with the environment.

Lil' Explorer field-activity-guide. Inspiring the explorer mindset in the earliest years. 

FOR WHO? A great gift for young outdoors enthusiasts.
AGES: 2 ½ to 4 ½ years old
Full-color pages filled with illustrations, screen-free projects, hands-on activities, and fun art prompts. 

Wondering where to start? Look here for a free outdoor family-guide field workbook, for kids of ALL AGES to enjoy. Can you please tag us your fun exploration shots, on Instagram @lelebombe and Facebook @Lele Bombe Arte. Use the hashtag #LBFAMILYEXPLORE to spread the word. 

Thank you for the support! We are just getting started.