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  • Beautiful traditionally beaded earrings featuring tropical infused colors with bright centers and accented borders. Embera design patterns that evoke the connection between nature and free flow of the world. Colors and concepts replicated from nature is homage to their deity Karagui, known as the creator of all. They celebrate the spiritual world and adorn each other with earrings symbolic of the birds, flowers and tropical life that surrounds them.


    • Bright, simple and fun. Colorful and complementary to all styles of fashion. A great substitute for traditional gold/silver jewelry!
    • Material: 100s of tiny beads
    • The width 1.5" & height 2.25"
    • Bead work is all made with very strong synthetic thread and waterproof.
    • Due to the hand made nature of each design, size and shape will differ slightly. This is the attraction of something handmade not mass produced.