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Mountain Noir Heart Necklace
Mountain Noir Heart Necklace
Mountain Noir Heart Necklace

Mountain Noir Heart Necklace


  • Mindfully Made. Tropical Spirit.

    We believe in celebrating the tropics, its colors, and those who work towards the revival of the paradise forestShop beautiful beaded necklaces, intricate patterns, and bold pieces. 

    Stories We Celebrate

    The Embera believe that women bear the weight of the world on their shoulders. The larger the chest piece the greater the role within the community. As we like to say, "present for many and present within," is a belief we can all share and be a part of.

    Wear to remember. Wear to believe. 

    Learn more about the Embera community of women we work with, here. A portion of our profits allows for the purchase of basic home supplies for our artisan partners in Colombia.


    • Designs are 100 % exclusive. Lightweight and comfortable.
    • Each piece can take up to 10+ hours to complete.
    • Can be worn on bare skin with a low cut dress/blouse/top
    • Around the inside of the collar approx: 6" Length: 2"
    • Beadwork is all made with very strong synthetic thread and is waterproof.
    • Due to the handmade nature of each design, size and shape will differ slightly.