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  • A creative guidebook dedicated to leveraging the power of art to unify and inspire young learners to care for the planet.

    A collection of art ideas, that are child-centered, made for a manageable creative practice for your family at home, or to integrate with your homeschool or classroom curriculum.

    Teaching students to think like explorers and facilitating art-filled experiences that honor childhood. We help you set up a cohesive, child-centered, manageable creative practice for your family at home.


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    Who is this exploration guide for? Kids ages 4 - 12 years old.   

    Our Young Explorers Creative Guide is an original 25-page guide and includes:

    • Each month is based on a theme that ties to every offering in the guide 

    • 20 invitations (plenty for a full month of creative projects), 10 art, and 10 outdoor explorations, that can be cut into cards and kept in a box as a resource to build upon

    • Master supply list

    • Encouraging creative thinking skills with an emphasis on earth stewardship, and kindness

    • An artist and explorers spotlight 

    • A master one-page calendar of the month that you can print and post on the art room wall for easy reference

    You are purchasing a digital product designed to be printed at home or viewed on a tablet or computer. After you purchase a guide you will receive a download link with the PDF. Please make sure to save the PDF to your computer.