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  • Tropical hand-beaded Embera Tribal bracelets made using a needle and thread freehand technique. During spiritual rituals visions are then transformed into bead art allowing each geometric pattern to have powerful meaning. The Embera tribe uses many symbols as representations of their deities and other things they deem sacred in their culture. We can assure you each design draws attention and will remind you of the positive impact you have made for our artisans. 


    • From beaded end to beaded end the bracelet is 6" long and 1" wide.
    • The strong braids used to secure the bracelet provide the required length to fit small, medium and large wrist.  Sizes comfortably.
    • A well-deserved gift to creative souls who want to capture and pay tribute to indigenous communities of Latin America.
    • Bead work is all made with very strong synthetic thread and waterproof.
    • Due to the hand made nature of each design, size and shape will differ slightly. This is the attraction of something handmade not mass produced.